Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In the Garden of the Saint (October 5th)

    The fifth GLOGtober theme: maps. Here's a couple of maps for the Horizon Walkers to die in. They belong to a large man who does not like to make deals.

Cosmic Fortress of the King of the Universes

    This is the home of Saint Jonathon, sometimes Sin Dagon to his subjects, or Sanxoniatho, or Sun Aesh Ajax, or Yhn-Aten, or Imun G_d, or whatever title their mouthparts can cry out as they bow low and give homage. 
Saint Jonathon
40HD (140HP) Human Demigod, AC perfect (requires critical), morale 13
1d8+4 unarmed blows.
INESCAPABLE: The Saint walks faster than you run. He can jump 100' at a time.
INSTANT: The Saint may choose to succeed reflex-related saves.
INEXORABLE: The Saint's criticals vaporize and disperse his targets.
INDOMITABLE: If the Saint's result on a strength-related roll is less than 20, it is 20 instead.
FRENZIED: On the Saint's turn in combat, he makes an attack with each hand and one of his feet.
STUNNING: If a strike would kill his target, the Saint may choose to paralyze them instead.
EVASIVE: The Saint takes half damage from explosions and spells.
PURE: The Saint is immune to disease and poison.
TRANQUIL: The Saint regenerates all HP after 5 minutes of undisturbed meditation.
TONGUE OF THE SUN AND MOON: The Saint understands and speaks all languages.
    Are you here to steal something from Jonathon? Did you arrive by accident? Perhaps you are trying to rescue someone? Or deliver a letter? Regardless, you should step quietly in his halls. He can be irritable.

2HD (10HP) Human Fighter, AC 12, Morale 10
1d6+2 cut-and-thruster.
BERSERKER: The first time he takes damage, Arngrim enters a rage. While raging he does not roll morale and takes half damage from all sources.
GARDENER: Arngrim knows all there is to know about the exotic plants of the Saint's garden. He also keeps a small vegetable plot to feed himself and Meilod (the Saint no longer eats). If he were killed, much of the garden would wither: the Saint has a black thumb.
2HD (7HP) Half-Elf Wizard, AC 10, Morale 7
Spells: Light, Magic Eye, Illusory Terrain. 2 MD.
: By flipping coins, rolling dice, or drawing cards, Meilod can predict the degree of difficulty a plan will encounter. He can flip coins to receive "good/bad" forever, but dice stress him and tarot physically harms him.
LIGHTKEEPER: Meilod is responsible for the supernatural light which fills the Cosmic Fortress. He carries a runestone which lets him track and control light levels throughout the structure, and empowers his Light spells. If the stone were stolen, or Meilod were to die, the castle would be plunged into darkness. The Saint does not have darkvision.

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