Thursday, March 24, 2022

22 New(ish) Major Arcana

    It's Secret Jackalope season again! And boy is this a doozy: evil scientist 42 asked for Major Arcana names for an alternative science fantasy or cosmic horror or sword&planet vibe Tarot deck. Just the names/titles for the 22 cards. Of course, if you are a true jackalopist, you do a full art series with pages and pages of divination instructions!

     Easy. I've got that in a day, prob'ly.

00 The Blind Ones
Those who refuse to see will outlive the others.
Reversed: Hope for death. You won't make it any farther.

01 The Idiot
Proud, foolish, and playing with forces you cannot understand.
Reversed: You have been misunderstood. Now is the time to strike.

02 The Beautiful Woman
Pale, dark-haired. In one hand the cup, life, and in the other the flensing knife, suffering.
Reversed: Death and freedom. Your schemes have, thank G_d, come to an end.

03 The Conqueror Worm
Red and squirming. Inevitable, and in its own way futile.
Reversed: The end of death has come. Beware.

04 The Hungry Spider
Wise, self-sacrificing, the protector of man's work.
Reversed: You are the enemy. Fear order and justice.

05 The Hungry Moth
Cunning, devious, enemy of man's work.
Reversed: What you've done is no help.

06 The Cult
Source of knowledge, favors owed.
Reversed: You've been found out. Think quickly.

07 The Black Lake
A hiding place. More dangerous than it seems.
Reversed: Safety! Safety in the dark.

08 The Sacrifice
Joyful in his death. It's better than the alternative.
Reversed: It is imperative that you survive.