Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Tricky Wizards (The Sage Expansion Pack)

This is an expansion pack for Squig's Sage. The Sage is one of my favorite GLOG classes, and I've been in an expansion pack mood.

Source: the Guildmaster by tsabo6

Further Wizardly Tricks:

  1. Wind. Once per day, you can create a light breeze with a gesture or word that will blow until disrupted by stronger wind.
  2. Brow. Your eyebrows stick out past the brim of your hat. When you furrow your brow, you remind nearby NPCs of the most intimidating old man they encountered in their childhood.
  3. Step. While walking at normal speed you make no more sound than a cat. When no one is looking you take slightly too little time to cross distances on foot, almost as if you were sprinting the whole way... but that can't be right, since you're never out of breath.
  4. Sleep. You can fall asleep in any situation where you are not taking HP damage. You always wake instantly, prepared for combat, and can be wakened by any suspicious noise.
  5. Ripped. Underneath your wizard robe you're fucking jacked. Absolutely gleaming abs. Lats you can zest a lemon on. This has no effect on your ability scores.
  6. Mirror. With a little spit and the cuff of your sleeve, you can polish any surface to reflectivity.
  7. Slap. You can given anyone another save against ongoing magic effects by smacking them on the back of the head and barking at them to snap out of it.
  8. Card. You are a master of legerdemain, and can entertain idiots and children indefinitely with a pack of cards, or three cups, or similar street corner bric-a-brac.
  9. Feeble. By leaning on a staff and making your voice all croaky and whistly, you appear to be as old as your race can possibly get. Good-natured NPCs will hurry to assist you across streets, carry your bags, or open doors for you. This has no effect on your ability scores.
  10. Herb. You can identify non-magical plants on sight, and can always think of a use for them.
  11. Watch. You have a watch that always returns to your pockets if lost or damaged. It has the hour, minute and second hands, along with the trouble, the opportunity and the death hand.
  12. Compass. You have a compass that always returns to your pockets if lost or damaged. It points in any direction you feel like, or if you press it to something can be commanded to always point to that object.
  13. Pockets. Your pockets seem to always contain a bit of string, a fragment of chalk, a paperclip, an inch of wax crayon or other bits of office supplies when you need them.
  14. Loupe. You have a jeweler's loupe (20x magnification) that always returns to your pockets if lost or damaged. If you examine someone's eyes (the windows to the soul) you can tell if they are suffering from a disease or a curse, and how many of each.
  15. Tongue. You can identify enchanted objects and precious metals by taste.
  16. Grey. In a natural environment, you are almost impossible to find while you hold still in the undergrowth. In an urban environment, you are almost impossible to tail while you are walking through a crowd.
  17. Sword. You are as proficient with swords as an equivalent-level Fighting-Man.
  18. Speech. You can slip coded messages into normal conversation which will be immediately understood by those you intend to understand.
  19. Glance. If you lock eyes with another Wise one, you can communicate silently without language.
  20. Substances. You never seem to suffer the negative consequences from consuming alcohol, tobacco, opium or other exciting things. You still have withdrawal symptoms when you go without.


  1. The Wizard Watch is definitely my favourite!

    1. I love kooky magical gadgets, so I gave the Sage a few more of those. Thank you for your comment.