Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Index Librorum Vulgatorum

    It is becoming difficult for me to navigate my own blog. Therefore shall I lay out an index for ease of reference.

Source: Ogun by spaghettibastard


  • The Zouave, that rough-riding yarn-spinning veteran. By an overwhelming margin my most popular post. Received an expansion-pack of tall tales here. There's a cowboy form here, and a Han Solo type here.
  • The Sword-Shepherd, against whom weapons are raised in vain. Find additional techniques here and here. Find a simplified super-fighter here.
  • The Builder, more man than machine, straightforward and morally ambiguous.
  • The Masked Cleric, right (or left) hand of the angels.
  • The Leper, a natural fit for adventure.
  • The Changeling, an unspeakable blight.
  • The Palette Swapped Ninja, much like every other ninja.
  • The Monkey Dad, both Dad and Monkey.
  • The Deep Space Technician, less of a full class and more of an excuse for a space game.
  • The Super Sentai, whose post includes some pretty wild Kaiju I never got to use.
  • The Manufactory, Wizard of Industry and Hot Metal.
  • Las ruinas circulares, un engaño complicado.
  • The Metatron, a class you don't remember seeing before.
  • The Wave-Dancing Samurai, an alternative to the Fighting-Man. Imagine what a bitchin' world has this as the "default" class.
  • Many Wizards, more trouble than they are worth. A take on the host-classes, such as Many Goblins and the Extras.
  • Monkey Herder, also more trouble than they are worth.
  • The Giant Spider Aaaaaa, a mistake the world must suffer. Vayra altered them here.
  • Thief Guilds, representing a few social classes (and I don't mean ones with speech skills).
  • 100 GLOG microclasses, created by the OSR Discord. Two posts, here and here.
  • Half a dozen Chess classes, and an odd location besides.
  • The Virtuous Saint, for a given definition of "virtuous"
  • The Tomb Ranger, who knows his way around the bottom of a well.
  • The Horizon Walker, interdimensional portal cop. 
  • The Alienist, a madwoman with hurtful spells.
  • The Considerer, who is half an astrologer and half a Dominic Deegan reference. Y'all remember D.D? Neither do I.
  • A GLΔG Wizard. Just a touch evil.

The Unfinished World


GLOGtober 2020

  • Guns, day 1. Injuries for firearms.
  • Blood, day 2. Vampires, their treasure, their cool swords.
  • Goblins, day 3. Terrible magic swords.
  • Swirling Rainbow Vortices, day 4. The Horizon Walker, remade in GLOG.
  • Maps, day 5. A throne room and a garden.

Other Things


  1. That top art piece was made by Spaghettibastard. You can find them on tumblr

  2. sorry to be necroposting but the The Wave-Dancing Samurai link dosent seem to work?

    1. It should work now, temporarily, until I again remember to unpublish the post.