Friday, April 17, 2020

Wave-Dancing Samurai Katana Duelists (GLOG Class: Another Fighter)

Vayra from the OSR Discord asks: "when do we get the damn wave-dancing samurai"
Well, here he is.

Source: Poseidon...samurai! by MyCKs

Class: Wave-Dancing Samurai

    There is a world where the default warrior is a "Fighting Man", the standard caster a "Magic-User", the typical rogue nothing more than a "Thief". By the grace of old g_ds you live in a cool world instead.
    If you have at least one template in this class you can wear all armor and use shields. You never fumble while using a naginata, katana, wakizashi, longbow, odachi or other badass samurai weapon.

Skills: 1. Court Etiquette 2. Botany 3. Gambling

Starting Equipment: A tortured past, a black leather trench coat with cut-outs in random places (as chain), giant brightly-colored hair, one piece of 100% genuine samurai gear.

  • A: Embrace, Wave Dancing, +1 to-hit
  • B: Thalassic Majesty, +2 HP
  • C: Backup, Duelist, +1 to-hit
  • D: Power-Will Display, +1 defense

    Once per combat round, shout KIAI and lean into an enemy's attack. It deals 1d6 damage to you. You can decide to do this after the original damage has been rolled.
Wave Dancing
    Water is solid to you while you are singing your theme song. You can walk on lakes like level fields and on rivers like moving sidewalks. Literal waves are dangerous, since they're like earthquakes to you, but with care you can walk on the open ocean. This is all exactly as badass as it sounds and NPCs will react appropriately.
Thalassic Majesty
    True understanding of the Wave Dance has finally been reached. You can no longer be tripped by unsteady or uneven surfaces (such as landscape-solid waves), and you can never fall off of any structure that can hold your weight. Also, you can wall-run for up to thirty feet. That's pretty cool.
    A number of companions (up to your level) may join in your theme song as background singers. While doing so they also have Wave Dancing. They have Thalassic Majesty as well if they do the full dance, but they cannot take other actions while doing so.
    You have advantage on every attack roll. I know this sounds powerful but it's always going to be worse than a normal extra attack (which you don't have) so get off my back, it's totally reasonable especially as a C template. If your DM lets the Wave-Dancing Samurai Katana Duelist multiclass with something that gives another attack that's a personal problem.
Power-Will Display
    If you flex all your muscles you can extend your aura level*5 feet away from you. Water inside of your aura may be influenced in several ways; choppy water may be stilled, rain may be redirected, snow may be kicked up into concealing flurries, hail may be whipped around to deal 1 damage per turn to nearby enemies, or sea spray may be suspended in glorious rainbow splashes that accentuate your movements and sword-strokes. Be artistic.

100% Genuine Samurai Gear :
    Drawn from the pages of actual history (of the cool world).You should make up and lovingly describe your own badass equipment, but if you're having trouble thinking of anything here are some bare essentials
  1. Giant Odachi. Ten feet long, razor sharp. Must be used two-handed for 2d6 damage. 4 slots (very hard to carry around).

  2. Katana. Three feet long, razor sharp. As a medium weapon but adds your initiative bonus to damage rolls. 2 slots (also very hard to carry around).

  3. Double Uzis. You can only use these while holding one in each hand. Deals 1d8+1 damage with +1 to-hit. 1 slot each.

  4. Longbow. Really big and hard to use. 1d10 damage, 60' range, -1 to-hit for every 10' past range. 2 slots.

  5. Tight Leather Pants. I can't think of any mechanics for tight leather pants, but you definitely need them.

  6. Bullwhip. Hits 10' away for 1d6 damage, -2 damage against leather or equivalent, -4 against chain, and -6 against plate. ⅓ slot.

  7. Wakizashi. Two feet long, razor sharp. As a light weapon but adds your initiative bonus to damage rolls. 1 slot (still pretty inconvenient).

  8. Laser Revolver. You reload the wheel with batteries that just look like bullets. Deals 2d6 damage, but on a double suffers a catastrophic electrical failure and need to be repaired. 1 slot.

  9. Grappling Hook Crossbow. Operates like a crossbow (1d12, takes a round to reload) but there's a rope attached to the bolt. 2 slots.

  10. Naginata. Just a normal heavy polearm with a bladed head. 2 slots.

  11. Stake Shotgun. Fires shells with wooden stakes in them, 1d8 damage at 20', double damage to vampires. 2 slots.

  12. Wraparound Sunglasses. You are immune to charm while wearing these, but have -2 to all reaction rolls which are made while inside.


  1. This is... a thing. Actually I think the Duelist ability is really good because it means you can negate the penalty for attacking while tied up, or upside down, or prone or whatever. KIAI!

    1. I think a Katana Duelist should definitely be able to fight while hanging upside down, or wearing heavy manacles. Thank you for your comment.